A note and a post

“Well that’s a crappy title. Are those even two different things?” My impatient friend, yes they are. Now hold your judgment for a second while I actually type my note and my post.

A note on this blog: I believe in writing when inspiration strikes. Maybe inspiration comes in the form of an errant thought, nonetheless, I’m only going to write when I feel like I have something worth saying. I’m not going to write just to press keys on the keyboard. I’ve seen a lot of articles about how blogs block creativity and spontaneity, but I think if you write when you’re most equipped to write, you’ll be fine. For me, that might be at 11:38 p.m., right after I told myself it’s time for bed, but that’s when I’m going to write.

And a post:

As a society, we’ve really got to come up with a word for that great feeling after completing a lot of work, something that’s been nagging you for a long time. It’s euphoric, satisfying and relieving, almost like that feeling right after you pee when you’ve had to pee for the past, like, 7 hours. [I just used ‘like’ in non-spoken communication. Ugh. But it felt right.] This word could be…how do we feel about…psatisfaction. The p is silent. But it’s a new word and this is its meaning because I say so. Ta-da! Now that the rambly part of me has been indulged, I’ll tell you why I’m feeling psatisfied. [I’m not serious about this word, please don’t judge my ramblings.]

The past few days, I’ve been paying a lot of attention to the calendar. There have been at least three separate instances when I was looked at it and was like “What? Really? Less than a month until summer break is over?” and then later that afternoon, “Oh my gosh! Wow! Less than a month? What am I going to do?” That sounds familiar… Anyway. I have a lot of summer projects going on: taking media law, UNC Dance Marathon summer projects for me and overseeing projects for my five sub-chairs, projects for my internship, DIY projects for my apartment, fixing my schedule for the fall semester, and still finding a way to spend time with my family on top of all of this. Naturally, projects without a pressing deadline or impending exam haven’t gotten all the attention they deserve. But I’m not one who likes the feeling of incompleteness.

This evening, I blocked out distractions and finally got around to sending the emails and following up on UNC-DM projects that needed a nudge forward. And my goodness, it felt great. I’ve been sitting here for 7 hours just churning it out, and now I can cross so many things off the checklist. Who is with me when I say checklists are mostly made for the satisfaction of checking boxes? Yeah, organization, priorities, yay, great. But oh my god, checking boxes. The best feeling ever.

I’m so fired up about UNC-DM right now. I video chatted with my Executive Director, Liz,  for a long time. It’s not like we were getting things done per se; we were just throwing ideas around and helping each other stay focused on big goals. We have these weekly meetings, just for that purpose. To help each other look at the forest, when it’s so easy to get lost in the trees. Planning a 24-hour marathon and all of the events leading up to it involves a lot of minor details. That’s why I love my partnership with Liz, because we help each other stay on track and see how our work fits into the grand scheme. These weekly meetings keep me sane. Each chat with Liz sheds fresh light on my projects and helps me see new approaches for whatever is stumping me, and this one was no different.

Liz and I talked about how great these chats are. I read her a section from the previous Publicity chair’s final report, talking about the Publicity chair’s relationship with the Executive Director.

So Liz. And you. Y’all are going to be SUCH an amazing pair. The [Executive Director] is there for you 24/7. Literally anything you need they will be able to help. If you are overwhelmed, meet with Liz and make a game plan. Pub is such a specialized and skill-specific chair that you may not always be able to give over work but she will be able to help you prioritize and can help you with more than you may think.

Dave* was an adviser, additional thinking cap, sounding board, idea generator, realist, motivator and so much more, but he was also a great friend and Liz will be all of that for you.

*Dave was the Executive Director before Liz

I also video chatted with my sophomore year Publicity chair, Olivia, for a while to gain perspective on media relations now that she is an established journalist. She had some really great ideas for not only media relations, but also general publicity, fundraising, alumni relations and expansion for UNC-DM. Plus, it’s always great to catch up with old friends.

It’s been a great evening. I worked hard and got a lot done. I caught up with friends and found my inspiration for the coming week. I promise, I will tell you all about UNC Dance Marathon and what it means to me one of these days. For now, I’ll tell you that every little thing, even sending a two-sentence email, adds up to amazing results and impacting a mind-blowing amount of people. I’ll send two-sentence emails all day if it means helping one more person.

I really love being involved in something that means so much to me and other people, and working with those people who are just as passionate as I am. Essentially: It feels great to work toward great things and it feels great to work with great people. Great! Really though, what more could you ask for?


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