Bringing out your inner glutton

Mmmmmm. I never intended for this to be a food blog. But I really love food.

I like cooking it almost as much as I like eating it. Or is it I like eating it almost as much as I like cooking it? The one thing I don’t like is just looking at it. That is pure torture. I have to be either eating it or playing with it (cooking).

I love when my twin sister comes to visit. She, and I mean this as a compliment, brings out the glutton in me. She really understands my love of food. Maybe I got it from her— she is 44 minutes older, after all.

This weekend we made chocolate macarons, double chocolate chip cookies, beignets, paninis and pumpkin pancakes. And we found chocolate wine at World Market (not as magical as I had hoped), red velvet wine, peach sparkletini, digestif cookies that we both miss from France, and mint chocolate cookies. We didn’t eat all of it, but man, World Market is a beautiful place. I think we bought the red velvet wine just out of pure appreciation that things like that exist. Not for drinking purposes, yet. I know this all sounds pretty indulgent, and let me tell you, it is. Luckily a lot of it was from scratch with ingredients we already had so it wasn’t too painful for our wallets. [By the way kids, that’s the magic of learning how to cook for yourself! It’s cheaper and more delicious.]

If anyone didn’t believe me when I said I love food, there’s your proof. That was over a span of two days and I didn’t include our normal meals.

So who’s going to the gym with me?


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