Running into old friends

Literally, running into old friends!

One of the things I love about living in Cary over the summer is that I don’t have to worry about seeing people I know when I look crummy, but tonight didn’t work out that way. Jenn and I crossed paths on our evening runs (she was already 1.5 hours into hers, I just started) and what I had planned on being a quick jog turned into an hour of catching up.

Let me start by saying she’s in way better shape than me, so when you imagine our conversations, you can imagine me being really out of breath.

It’s so crazy how similar our undergrad paths are, and also so different. Jenn is five years ahead of me as a member of the class of 2009. She and I are both 4-year dancers for UNC Dance Marathon, counselors for Camp Kesem, and members of Panhellenic organizations. We both also went through the experience of jumping around majors and pursuing many paths. That’s where we differ; she tended toward law and organizational development when I tend toward advertising and creative work. The weirdest part is that I had no idea of any of this. We fell out of touch, understandably, as she went to Carolina and got really busy, and then I started Carolina right after she graduated. But somehow we got involved in very similar avenues. Tell me that isn’t cool!

We spent a lot of time together during my middle school and her high school years. Jenn was a tutor/babysitter (realizing now that we were way too old for a babysitter, but that’s my parents) for my sister and I. We played tennis, did homework, prepared for her prom, talked about friends, asked for advice, went shopping, you name it. My parents loved having her around because she was undoubtedly a great influence on 13-year-old twins with too much energy, and we loved spending time with Jenn because we thought she was the coolest person in the history of ever.

Still do, by the way. And especially after our chat tonight! She is a grad student at Duke, employee at a consulting firm for the UN in New York and world traveler. It’s awesome to see her now a few years later and see how both of us have grown since our time in Cary together. I’m definitely at a turning point in my life since I’m about to graduate UNC in a year, and she’s at a major crossroads as well as she decides her future path. It’ll be interesting to see what’s next for both of us.

I’m not sure how to conclude this, so I’d rather not. Who says you have to tie up relationships neatly with a bow, and store them away for later? I say keep the book open and let the story continue. I probably won’t see her again for a while, but that just means we’ll have all the more to talk about next time.

Until next time!


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