Living the DIY life

I just finished a rug (well, floor covering) for my new apartment, and I’m in love. I got this great fabric on sale and found out the floor gripper is cheaper bought by the yard, so altogether it cost about $30 and a few hours of work. The best part about it is I finally learned how to use my mom’s old sewing machine. For something bought for $5 at a yard sale 20 years ago, it gets the job done. Nothing fancy, just a needle, thread and motor. But I am now a beginner seamstress. Each DIY project is more than creating a final product, it’s a learning process. That’s what makes it so satisfying. Picking up skills like this has been incredibly helpful and I don’t plan on stopping.

I went to a private high school focused on science and the arts, so we never experienced Home Ec or workshop classes that would’ve actually been really useful. This is not me complaining about Cary Academy; I’m sure I wouldn’t be where I am without it. But, it would’ve been useful to have life skills like sewing and woodworking.

My parents are realtors, so they taught me how to keep a house clean and running. Many a weekend was spent preparing homes for the market. I can do more than change a lightbulb. I can fix a sink, install a light fixture and water faucet, paint rooms like a pro, stain a deck, grow a garden, fix a toilet, and the list goes on. They also taught me how to cook using the best ingredients on a budget (I’m now a self-proclaimed foodie), and do basic car upkeep. I was required to learn to drive a manual transmission and change a tire on my own before getting my driver’s license. You could say they’re the source of my DIY mindset. If you can learn to do it yourself, why let that opportunity pass?

What I’m getting at is that I’m eager to learn new skills. I taught myself how to use Adobe Creative Suite and the basics of graphic design.  Now I’m teaching myself more web design and video production. I consider myself a DIY fanatic, and it’s more than Pinterest suggestions. Keep on learning my friends.

-Renee aka Ron Swanson sometimes


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