This is water.

This is a video we watched in my New Media Technology and its Impact on the Future of Advertising, Marketing and Public Relations (NMTIFAMP) class. I love this video. It does a great job of explaining something I think is incredibly important: understanding that you are not the only person in the world. It’s only too easy to get frustrated when something doesn’t go perfectly. Someone spilled their coffee on me. This lady is walking infuriatingly slowly. But maybe, just maybe, she has problems of her own. Thoughts of her own and goals of her own. And someone glaring at her won’t solve them.

I wrote a blog post for my summer PR internship at S&A Cherokee about why I love my major. In the blog post I was only talking about my studies in the School of Journalism and Mass Communication but this applies to my Psychology major as well. I love learning about Advertising and Psychology because it’s all about understanding people. When you shift your outlook from “me” to “you” or “we,” everything changes. I don’t know when that moment happened for me; it must’ve been sometime my freshman or sophomore year at UNC. But that’s when I started to truly understand my place in the larger world and just how many other people there are. That’s when I funneled my passion for understanding and communicating into organizations that make a difference— UNC Dance Marathon, Camp Kesem NC and Friends for an Earlier Breast Cancer Test to name a few. I’m not saying I spend every waking moment focusing on helping others. I’m just saying, day-to-day tribulations matter a lot less when you’re focusing on other people instead of yourself. I hope I can always keep that mindset.


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