a helipad of an adventure

Yesterday the Executive Board got to take a tour around a few of the UNC Hospitals, including the roof! We learned about the air care team and how Tar Heel 1 and Tar Heel 2 (the helicopters) work with patients around the state. After that, we toured the 1st floor general clinic, 2nd floor peds surgeries, 5th floor hem/onc and 7th floor with the play atrium. We also got to peek inside the PICU and NICU. I’ve been on the same hospital tour before, but this time was different. As a member of the Executive Board, I could point out all of the different areas that UNC Dance Marathon touches the hospital and is able to provide help to the patients and families. The residents who led the tour said they and the rest of the staff really appreciate everything we do. It’s amazing to think about how much goes on in the hospital, even right now as I’m sitting in my room and typing. The work that UNC-DM does affects so many people we may never know or realize, and I am so proud to be a part of it.


A helipad of an adventure


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