The view from the bottom (of my favorite mug)

It’s finals week, and I’m almost done with my second big project. After that, I have two final exams and that’s it for my last ever fall semester of undergrad.

Please bear with me as I unleash a stream of consciousness.


Why did I choose this picture/title? To demonstrate my superb Photoshop cropping skills? The truth is for no really good reason. I just wanted to include a picture from my day and that was the closest item to me, other than my laptop or like, a wall. I could’ve put up a picture of a blank wall and turned it into an abstract piece of art… “oh, Maia, look at this one! The emotion in this piece is just so…raw.”

Excuse me while I go on a tangent for a bit (because the abstract art wasn’t a tangent?)– It’s so interesting how humans will do something and rationalize it later, then come to internalize those rationalizations and make them an integral part of who they are. This is something that we’ve talked about in my Adv. Social Psychology class. I could’ve easily taken a picture of my empty coffee (ahem, homemade makeshift peppermint mocha) mug, uploaded it and written about how coffee speaks to my soul. Or how this empty mug is a metaphor for the end of a semester. Or how caffeine seems to have little effect on me nowadays. And then I could’ve internalized, “I am the kind of person who writes about empty coffee mugs.” Like a mantra. But really I just took a trite picture for the sake of taking a trite picture. Think about that, how you or people you know might rationalize trivial things, during the next week. I could go on and on, much like I already have, about it and free will and the biological processes of will. It’s really interesting, promise. Or maybe I’m a psychology/cognitive science nerd.

Back on track– I’ve been really enjoying this project for my Presentation Design class. We’ve been branding a startup called CredX, for which we created logos, stationary, brochures, a website, and now a branding video. I just finished the video last night after 14 hours in Carroll labs. The original assignment was to make a 30-45 second video in Adobe Premiere Pro using still images and text, but I was inspired to do more. I ended up using After Effects to make a motion graphic for it. The first seven hours in Carroll labs resulted in 6 seconds of motion graphic. It’s super tedious if you’ve never done it before and are unfamiliar with the program. Luckily I’m already familiar with the basics of Premiere from high school so finishing it up and inserting still images only took like 45 minutes. I definitely could’ve done the video she asked for in the original assignment in under 3 hours…but I guess I like a challenge. I’m really happy with the finished video. Well, the copy isn’t 100% true because the startup hasn’t exactly started yet, but I imagine one day it’ll get there. Otherwise, really happy with it.

I’ll put it into my portfolio and make my portfolio look more like a portfolio over winter break. This site is definitely ready for some updates.

The rest of my week looks like smooth sailing! Tonight I have dinner and Secret Santa with a group of my friends, so I need to do some Twitter/Pinterest stalking and then shopping in the next few hours. Then, like I said, two exams Tuesday and that’s it! Grandma (Mom’s side) comes into town Tuesday. Another marathon planning meeting next Thursday. Then break for real! Cruise, Michigan, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, winter break projects– lots of things to do.

Things are looking good!


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