Studier of people

The reason I say “studier” of people and not student of people is because, although it’s not the most appropriate word (and yes I am a grammar nerd too), to me it sounds like a more active version of student. Students don’t always do their homework or participate in class. Sometimes they are just attendees of school. But a studier, that’s different. That’s someone who is always taking mental notes and absorbing the interactions around her. That’s what I strive to be.

UNC Dance Marathon is all about understanding the shared human experience of pain and worry, and knowing that your help truly means the world to hospital families. Just this weekend we heard the story of the founder of ECU’s dance marathon. He had received help from UNC-DM while at N.C. Children’s Hospital. He said knowing that people were rooting for him and working their butts off to see him get better made a huge difference in battling the depression he felt while he was there.  Camp Kesem, too, is about understanding your fellow humans. These humans might be a little younger than us, the counselors, but they are people nonetheless (“A person’s a person, no matter how small!”) and are just looking for people who will accept and celebrate them as they are. I think my Psychology and Advertising majors speak for themselves here.

I have experienced or watched a lot of beautiful moments. I have been fortunate in that way. And they might be as small as holding a door for an overworked student or as momentous as watching a mother during her daughter’s wedding. One thing that I have found especially magical is watching people who have found where they belong. I think I’m one of those people, and I know a lot of my friends are. Being Publicity Chair for UNC-DM combines all of my passions– understanding people, being creative, helping others, making friends, etc. I really love everything I get to do in that position, and I know it’s something that I will continue to feel strongly about even after I have passed the job to my successor. Absolutely, I will enjoy having more free time come March 23, 2014, but my love for the organization and what it stands for will never end. Not when it’s something that has made such a profound impact on who I am.

People who have found where they belong have an aura of success and happiness. I know you, whoever may be reading this, had a couple people instantly come to mind. Am I wrong? These are people who inspire those around them. You can tell they really believe in what they’re doing. When they find their place, they begin an upwards spiral (borrowing that term from positive psychology) by doing more of what they love, inspiring themselves and others as they go. I want to get to know these people better. I am lucky to be surrounded with a lot of them at UNC. Thanks to the vast amount of clubs and activities UNC has to offer, it’s easy for students to find their place.

It’s so fun learning about people and listening to their stories. I love hearing each person’s story of inspiration and the pride in their voice as they tell it. If you get the chance, ask one of your friends! You may gain a newfound appreciation and closeness to someone you think you know well.


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