Celebrating my twin

I want to do a quick post about the person who has known me the longest. Longer than my mom or dad, even. This would be my twin sister, Michelle. She is also a senior in college, and she attends UNC Wilmington. She is part of the Cameron School of Business, majoring in Marketing, with minors in French and Psychology. Among her other achievements, she is the president of her business fraternity, Pi Sigma Epsilon, and a member of a few other honor societies. I would say PSE is her biggest achievement. Her chapter has grown a lot under her leadership, and undergone a lot of changes. I’m most proud of her for starting UNCW’s dance marathon last year, something that stemmed from her visiting our dance marathon and becoming inspired after hearing stories from different families. This year, UNCW-DM will continue and be even bigger and better! I’m sad she won’t be able to visit UNC-DM this year, because it’s the year that I’ve been directly involved in planning the logistics of it and coordinating all of its publicity, but so proud of her for leaving such a strong legacy at UNCW.

Michelle and I at UNCW Dance Marathon last year!

Michelle and I at UNCW Dance Marathon last year!

Right now she’s on spring break, which isn’t actually a break for her. She’s up in DC doing a weeklong internship for a financial planning firm, and surely impressing a ton of people. You’re doing so many amazing things, Michelle! Can’t wait to travel Europe with you this summer!


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