The fungenda

I, unlike the majority of my friends, am spending my final undergraduate spring break not on a boat.  I’m currently sitting in my childhood room in Cary, waiting for my sister to finish packing so we can go head out to Wilmington for the week. She just finished her spring break, so while she’s in class, I’ll be working on some graphics both for NSAC and UNC-DM. And then we’ll frolic for the rest of the time! Beach. Restaurants. Friends. Frolic. Repeat.

As much as I wanted to spend spring break with my friends on a cruise, I’m really looking forward to this week. As bad as this sounds, I’m really enjoying not having class get in the way of my other stuff. I’ve said this before– I feel like I major in UNC Dance Marathon, and minor in Advertising and Psychology. This week, I’m still majoring in UNC-DM, but without classes, I can focus on being a person for a bit.

[Huge exhale]

Something my sister and I do whenever we’re planning a break together is a “fungenda.” Those of you who don’t currently employ a fungenda for trips, I highly recommend it. We try to make the most of every minute, whether that minute is spent running around a beach, exploring downtown Wilmington, or just getting that much-needed nap. It’s our way of making sure we 100% focus on whatever fun activity is at hand. In this time of technology and multi-tasking, it’s so easy to spend a day working a little bit at a time on a thousand small tasks, and feel like you’re getting things done. But then 12 hours have passed and you look up and realize you just lost a day, essentially doing nothing because you’ve been doing everything. And that is why we have fungendas. Call them old-school if you want to, but they make our breaks great!

Our fungenda for spring break!

Our fungenda for spring break!

*Pouting at Britt’s donuts because they don’t open for the season until after my spring break has ended.

Honestly, I’m also looking forward to the 2-hour drive. Driving is one of the few times when you have to focus 100% on the task at hand (shame on you, if you don’t). Pick out a good playlist, and just enjoy the drive.

So that’s a quick look at my coming week. I’ll keep you posted!


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