Bucket List

There are 25 days between me and graduation. How have these four years passed already? Part of me recognizes that a lot has happened between now and 2010 that couldn’t possibly have taken less than four years, but part of me says no way, I just started this.

It isn’t time for me to write a love letter to UNC. Not yet. I’m still here. For now, I’ll share the things I have left to do. I’ve crossed off a good number of items from my list already, but there are few left. Everyone is welcome to join in and help me cross them off!

  • Update my resume and portfolio — they’re way past out of date. Oh.
  • Country night — apparently this is a thing here. I’ve never been and have been told it’s a necessity. Help.
  • Maple View ice cream at sunset in a porch rocking chair — okay, so I have done this before. But, again! As if I really need an excuse, psh.
  • Dames chicken and waffles — Being a Southern school and stuff
  • Diamond heels game — because obviously
  • Sit on the quad between classes — I really don’t understand how I haven’t already done this.
  • Hammocking in the arboretum
  • Play in Bynum fountain
  • Sutton’s counter lunch
  • Ye Olde (again)
  • Planetarium show
  • Various brunch spots: 411 West, R&R, Mint, Kipos
  • Crunkleton Beesting
  • Jordan Lake
  • Fridays on the Front Porch
  • Get lunch/coffee with some of my professors
  • Climb the Bell Tower
  • Take senior portraits
  • Oh, order my cap and gown I guess

Any other suggestions? What was the most UNC thing you’ve ever done?


One thought on “Bucket List

  1. Sutton’s is the best! I convinced one of my friends who was graduating last year to go with me before she left UNC and Kendall Marshall showed up, so you never know who will walk in (also, I am always looking for an excuse to go to Suttons, so hmu). Another food-related Chapel Hill must is biscuits from Sunrise Kitchen if you haven’t done that.already.

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