Montpetravels: Rome – Athens – Dublin

Rome (again!)

For the sake of continuity we’re going to pretend that my little trip to Florida didn’t happen right in the middle of the Europe trip. That one gets its own blog post. So here’s Rome part two! As soon as my jetlagged self (fifth international flight in ~two weeks, yay) landed in Rome, I tried my hardest not to fall asleep. Apparently that makes the jetlag way worse, but I figured at that point there was no sense in establishing a sleep schedule since I hadn’t had a real one in weeks. So nap it was! Then we got a quick lunch and Mom and I wandered around the Pantheon. We met Michelle back at the hotel and went on a trek to find ourselves dinner, which ended up being between the Pantheon and Trevi fountain. After dinner, we visited the Trevi fountain, and that was it for Rome! I truly did enjoy Rome, but it has never been my favorite just because of the huge crowds. If everyone could just leave for a couple of days while I visit that would be great, okay?

DSC04806 DSC04812 DSC04855


Okay, do you remember me saying Paris was my favorite city? That has been proven WRONG. Wow, Athens was amazing. Definitely my new favorite. So glad I got to visit! Mom was only in Athens with us for a few hours before heading back to the US, so we spent a couple of hours wandering the Acropolis so she could at least see that. After Mom left, Michelle and I went back to the Acropolis area and had dinner at a nearby restaurant. Our waiter was SO. NICE. They kept giving us free stuff and this guy was awesome. He just wanted to chat! And then he made us get up and dance with him and some other waiters in front of the other patrons. When in Greece, right? Anyway, he was great. Actually, I’m going to go ahead and say that all of our waiters in Greece were great. Because our waiter the second night was the same! Free stuff, just wanted to chat. And it was more than just wait staff! It seemed like everyone in Athens was super nice and helpful. Athens was an awesome mix of historic landmarks, friendly locals, and modern city life. And it didn’t feel like they hated all tourists, which is nice from a tourist POV. Before leaving we made it to the Acropolis again, the temple of Zeus, Hadrian’s Gate and the new museum of the Acropolis, all in two days. Not too bad!

DSC04929 DSC04919 DSC04890


And that was pretty much it for our trip! We just spent another 24 hours in Dublin before making it home. I think it was something like 17 flights in 30 days all in all.

TL; DR Would do it again




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