I wish you way more than luck

You’ll see I updated my tagline to a David Foster Wallace quote. It’s from the very end of his “This Is Water” speech if you’re listening to the full version, not the 9 minute version by The Glossary.

I’ll admit that I had a rough morning today. Things that are normally easy became especially difficult for who knows what reason. As soon as I got a lunch break, I listened to the full version of This Is Water, which as I’ve mentioned before, is my favorite speech. It was assigned for my Clinical Psychology course two days ago as homework, and I was more than happy to listen to it for a second time this week. I hadn’t actually heard the full version before this week, so I’m glad I did now. It offers a lot more context.

This speech always makes me feel better. Not necessarily that it goes “There, there, honey. You’ll be okay.” It reminds me to get out of the default setting and focus on what’s important. It gives me a great reason to move on from the trivial nips and stings that might be holding me back. And that’s really all I need to be reminded sometimes.

I’m happy to share my vulnerability in this blog post. I’m a human being. To do anything otherwise would be insincere. I think that some of the most beautiful moments are when people learn how to pick themselves up or lean on a friend. That’s when you learn the most about yourself and what motivates you. If you’re lucky and honest, you’ll be happy about what you find.

I’m blessed to have amazing support from my family and friends. I truly feel that they bring out the best in me. I am certainly an optimist (not deludedly so); I like to see the best in people and I believe wholeheartedly in positivity. But that doesn’t mean reality won’t lash out every once in a while. In those times, you just have to do what you can and learn from it. And hopefully, your support system will be there, just as strong as ever.

The reason I felt the compulsion to change my tagline is to keep reminding myself of that “capital T truth” DFW talks about, and also to acknowledge the many components of success, however you define it. I know this quote wasn’t the central message of his speech, but it resonates with me. And this is my blog so I’ll do what I want. (Sorry, bad morning me is still feeling a leeeetle bit feisty.)

Also– shoutout to my girl Mary for starting a blog! Proud of you 🙂 I can’t wait to listen to all of your playlists!


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