Settling in.

Now I can get this show on the road. Post-grad life is happening! Now I can do cool adult things like have legitimate business cards, decorate an apartment with thrifted and DIY pieces, brunch like it’s nobody’s business and forget to pack lunch. I’m just taking cues from my already employed friends here. Clearly I’m new to all of this. With the start of my career looming over my head, I’ve been thinking, I need to go into this with the right mindset.

Okay. I’m about to earn money for the work that I do. That’s awesome. Getting paid to do things I enjoy is great. What are my priorities for that money? If I had no rent, no utilities, no Netflix subscription, no nothing, what would I do with it? I’m sure this isn’t a shock to you, but my gut reaction is to say paying for food. (I’m SORRY. The pun had be there. It was not negotiable.) Not just 25 cents for a package of ramen pay for food, but fresh groceries so I can make myself a delicious meal at least a couple times per week. Leftovers for the rest of the week because that’s how I do things. I call myself a low-budget foodie, and I stand by that because I really do love making good food. That’s the only reason I exercise, too. Say what you want, motivation for exercise is motivation for exercise. As long as I have good food and good people I’m pretty happy in life.

Well, good food and good people and fun. If you’re going to work hard all day and then just be boring in your free time, what are you even doing? Why are you earning money if you can’t use just a little bit of it to do cool things? Of course, save money, squirrel away into your 401k and whatnot. But use a leeeetle baby bit to do something fun every once in a while, amirite? Otherwise you’ll be dead and sad before you know it. And dead you will be like, “wow, that sucked.”

A lot of people have told me that the first few weeks at a new job set the tone for the rest of your time there, so I have to be careful about how I go about starting these work relationships and completing projects. I totally agree with that and I think it’s true for more than the hours spent inside the office. I also want to be careful about how I start the relationship between work me and free time me.

We are more than our jobs.


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