Cheesy goodness

I must have blinked. It has already been three months since I’ve become a fully employed adult. I have a few drafts in my mind to fill the blogging gap, but for now I’ll share the one I’ve already written. I wrote it with “pen and paper” the night I moved into my new apartment. “Pen and paper” is just a theoretical phrase now, right? Who even does that anymore? 22-year-olds who don’t have internet at their new apartment yet. That’s who. I’ve had this in my Moleskine just waiting to be typed up for da blog and haven’t gotten to it. But here it is.

I might have just had the most delicious and satisfying meal of my life. It almost doesn’t matter that I say what it was, because I’m positive something this good could never be recreated. But I will– Lilly’s Pizza in Durham, their Five Points pizza. It know Lilly’s is fantastic because I’ve eaten at the Raleigh location, but this is at a whole new level. The most filling part that can’t be explained by flour or toppings is the feeling of accomplishment I have right now.

See, this morning I moved into my new Durham apartment. This signifies the day that I’ve truly and completely left the nest, as my parents have been excitedly chanting for the past 48 hours. I am so incredibly grateful for this position and phase of life that I am in. I feel so lucky to have my amazing support system of family and friends, and to be employed. I have the freedom to explore my interests and develop my hobbies while being financially independent and I am so damn grateful.

I feel like I’ve made it. Like I can finally sit down, enjoy a seriously well made slice of pizza (because that’s how you christen every new apartment or home), and appreciate the moment. All of the tension, stresses and worries that have ben holding me down, making it hard to think, they’re gone. I haven’t felt this free or in the moment in a long time.

Want a slice?


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