The adult we all want to be

Lately I’ve been taking time to catch up with friends I haven’t seen in a few months– not all of them, but at least a few. It’s been awesome to hear from them. I miss them all like crazy. I’m not hung up on it or anything, but sometimes when I have a quiet moment I miss the days when friends could appear minutes after receiving a text. Now they’re states and timezones away, or without technology in one case. For 99% of my friends, FaceTime and texting is a great way to get caught up. Very regulated letters for the one technology-less guy. He’s going through officer training with the Navy for the next couple of months.

In getting caught up with my friends, all of the conversations have steered towards being an adult and adjusting to grown up life. All of us have that perfect adult life that we aspire to. Here are some overlaps I’ve heard:

Unfazed by anything: So your favorite coffee shop only has half and half, but no nonfat milk? It’s all good. Your brand new apartment that is currently eating too much of your paycheck just busted a water leak? On it. Boss needs that slide deck in 15 minutes? No biggie.

Does productive things after work: That means at 5:01 p.m. you don’t go home and immediately nap or binge watch Netflix. You’re signed up for your city’s recreational kickball league, and your team happens to kick ass.

Has a cool hobby: Perhaps it’s cultivating an herb garden, or hiking every single state park on the weekends. Maybe you’re the most kickin’ knitter the world has ever met. Whatever it is, you have something that makes you happy and you stick with it.

Packs your own lunches: Some days it might be a peanut butter and jelly, in all its elementary school glory. But some days you go all out like those moms on Pinterest. You took the 10 extra minutes in the morning to pull something out of the vast wasteland that is your fridge and tied it up with a bow so mid-day zombie you might crack a smile. Also let’s talk about how much money that saves, because you’re a responsible adult with things like budgets.

Speaking of budgets…: You squirrel away every spare quarter and nickel you have so that one day, one day, you just might have enough to buy a new couch. Not that the blue stripe and stain patterned one from Craigslist isn’t great, but it’s time for an upgrade. Something a little more “you.”

Oh, and you have a style: Your apartment emits personality waves. All those DIY projects and hours spent moving furniture one inch to the left paid off to make the space your own. Your wardrobe? A carefully curated balance of mom’s vintage jewelry, investment coats, business casual and trendy pieces. It is so essentially you that you don’t actually need a monogram necklace to tell people who you are. …Do people still wear those? #sratlife

Takes pictures: It’s completely possible that a month will pass by and you’ll have been so busy you won’t realize it’s been a month. But luckily, you’re be the kind of adult who keeps mementos, takes pictures, and journals/blogs regularly. That way, you’ll have something to reminisce upon when life feels like a blur. You’ll have something to show your parents/kids/S.O./parrot (I don’t know your life) when you’re talking about the good times.

Confident: You don’t need a ThoughtCatalog article to tell you, “Yes, you’re a twentysomething, and you’ll probably be okay!” You got this, and you know it.



504 words about what’s going on in my brain

Apologies for the lack of blog posts lately. You have to understand, Internet, that things still happen when I’m not at my computer. Perhaps even more so. “But wait, if I don’t tweet/blog/insta about it, do I even exist?!” Well funnily enough, I’ve inadvertently been doing a super scientific experiment by not posting everything I do to the interwebs, and I have successfully rejected my null hypothesis. So, yes, I do still exist, with 95% certainty! It really is a wonderful thing.

All bad jokes aside, I’ve been taking the past couple of weeks to enjoy slowing down. I had dinner with my aunt the other night, and we were talking about this stage of transition that a few of my cousins and I happen to find ourselves in. [There is a grammatically correct Jiminy Cricket chanting in my head “transition in which a few of my cousins and I happen to find ourselves” but I just can’t do it right now] She asked if I’m nervous about potentially starting in a new city and living on my own. I thought about it, and I had to say no. I feel just fine! I’ve never been one to shy away from responsibility or change. Heck, the first couple of weeks of college were some of the best in my life. I’ve held leadership positions in the majority of organizations with which I’ve been involved. I become my most efficient and focused self under pressure. So yeah, I feel ready for this. Bring it on, life!

That being said, it was been re-hee-heeally nice to slow down for a bit to just enjoy the place that I’m in and the relationships I have. Chapel Hill is a wonderful place. My friend Jackie wrote a great blog post about all the things we love about this place. (There are really a lot of things to love) I’ve loved exploring the nooks and crannies of Chapel Hill/Durham/Carrboro that I missed the past few years, and revisiting some of my favorites. It’s been nothing short of awesome getting to spend more time with my parents and friends.

This actually brings me to one of the bittersweet parts about post-grad life. I’ve heard it from so many people and read it on Thought Catalog so many times, but it truly is a lot harder to keep up with friends after graduation. It takes effort. That’s the bitter part. It’s almost too easy to let those ties fade into the past. But the sweet part is, the ones you hold onto become that much stronger because of the effort you’re putting into them.

I have just under two weeks left of classes and then I’m done for real. It’s serious this time; May graduation was just a test run. Then I’m going to make a quick road trip to DC to visit my sister and friends, then a week at Camp Kesem, and then the great question mark part of my calendar begins.

Hey, I’m excited. This is the cool part!