Things I’m loving right now

I was offline for the past week while I was with Camp Kesem. Camp Kesem (a camp for children whose parents or primary caregivers have been affected by cancer) is one of the nonprofits I grew particularly attached to over the past couple of years, and I volunteer for them one week per year as a counselor for the 14-16 year old campers. This year was just as spectacularly amazing and life-changing as it was last year. I already had a year of experience with Camp Kesem so I thought I was mentally prepared, but again I was blown away by the campers. When they have every right in the world to be selfish and focus on their own difficulties, they are some of the most caring, generous and fun people I have ever met. There’s nothing quite like that warm fuzzy feeling after camp when the magic hits you.

Now that I’m all settled in at home again, I’ve returned my focus to the job hunt and post-grad life. While writing cover letters isn’t the most enjoyable thing in the world, I get pretty fired up thinking about the future and all the different opportunities I have ahead of me. I’m really enjoying this stage of life that I’m in. It’s totally flexible and could be anything at this point. I know that kind of uncertainty might make some people anxious, but I’m enjoying it. It gives me a lot of chances to follow my dad’s favorite piece of advice, “the sky is the limit.” Sidenote: I realize that there is a lot beyond the sky. In fact, the vast majority of everything is outside the reach of our planet. However, I still appreciate the spirit of the phrase that has motivated me since I was a little girl. And the jobs I am applying for happen to be within the limit of the sky.

I wanted to share a few of the things that I’m loving right now. I love being able to find joy and beauty in the little things. When that happens, I love telling my friends, or the whole internet in this case.

1. There’s a lot of awesome music in the world right now. Here are some of the tracks I’m listening to.

2. Maple View Farms chocolate milk. Ohhhh it’s so yummy. Chocolate milk is usually one of my favorite treats and theirs is especially creamy and delicious. (Like everything else they produce)

3. I’ve had a lot more time to cook from scratch. Thanks, Pinterest for these great recipes! I recommend them to anyone who likes food, even a little bit. I was really inspired by all the French, Italian and Greek cuisine when I returned from the trip with my sister, so I loved finding this recipe for the vinaigrette found on every salad in France, as well as homemade mayonnaise. You know there is truly no substitute if you’ve ever had it. I also brought back a box of macaron mix that I’m saving for later (I know! *hisses* Pre-made mixes, sacrilege. But this one was carried home from France so it’s okay, right?). All my travels helped me realize just how common processed food is in America, and how much more delicious it is to keep recipes to the essentials. It’s hard to beat something as simple as a homemade loaf of bread with olive oil with freshly-ground pepper. Simple, but certainly not plain. Also, let me just say that the Greek have a way with iced coffee. Other recipes I’m loving:
· Chickpea, Feta and Parsley Salad I found this one at Weaver Street Market and immediately searched for a copycat when I got home
· Kale Salad with Pine Nuts and Cranberries It might be a little faddish with the kale, but yummy regardless
· Eggs Benedict Brunch lovers, unite! Bonus points for homemade English muffins
· Green Goddess Sandwiches Lunch has just been changed forever
· Ranchero Breakfast Tostadas Anything with black beans, yes please

4. Breaking in my new running shoes. They might hurt my knees right now…I definitely should get some inserts, but still, there’s something fun about new shoes. There’s whole new world of adventure out there! And my feet are ready.

5. It’s not a million degrees outside anymore. Granted, there is always the notorious North Carolina September heat wave, but I’m enjoying the weather right now.

6. Working from my front porch

7. Rediscovering some of my mom’s old blankets with some awesome retro designs

8. I have time to do a lot of writing, like this!


Montpetravels: One Week In

I’ve made a semi-decent attempt to keep a travel journal, figuring I’d be mad at myself later if I didn’t. But it ended up being 3-5 bullet points listing the places we went, and they really don’t capture all of the little things that happen, the people we meet and stories we hear. I guess that’s part of the magic of travel. It’s something you can only experience for yourself and no matter how many photos you share on Instagram it’s something that will always be your own.

At this point, officially one week after leaving the US, Michelle and I have been to four cities and met up with two friends. You could say whirlwind.

We were only in Dublin for about a day and a half, but it was awesome there! We took a red-eye flight from Toronto, so when we landed we were pretty exhausted and grumpy. Achy feet from bad shoes and getting lost on the way to the hostel did not help. But we eventually checked in and got ourselves some lunch, which made everything better. We walked around for the rest of the day and explored our part of the city, which happened to have the Dublin castle. That was pretty cool. Later that night we walked over to the river to meet for a pub crawl led by a couple of very enthusiastic Irishmen who called us all their vikings. Pub crawls aren’t really my thing but it was fun talking to the other tourists and meeting Joffrey from Game of Thrones! He happened to be in Dublin at the same time so we got a quick picture together. The second day was more walking around and just hanging out until our flight for London. We didn’t make it to the Guinness storehouse, but that’s definitely in the books for the next time we’re in Dublin a few weeks from now.



Okay get ready for this because I’m about to be blunt. London was not my favorite city. I had some pretty high hopes from all of my friends’ study abroad experiences and photos, and to be honest, I was kind of let down. But maybe that’s because we didn’t give ourself enough time there. To be fair, we only had one full day in London. Our hostel was kind of crappy, and I got sunburnt, so those are probably affecting my opinion of the city even though they are in no way the city’s fault. (Guess who’s a psych major over here? Overanalyzing like it’s my job. Take that fundamental attribution error!)
We landed at London’s most obscure and farthest away airport, Luton, and took a shuttle to Hyde Park. Unfortunately it dropped us at Marble Arch, and our hostel was at the far end of the park, so we walked about an hour as the sun was setting. Then we met up with Jacob and grabbed some gryos for a late dinner. PS they were amazing. We were talking to him to plan our our visit and realized, shoot, we only actually have one full day here, not three like we had though. So that compressed our plans a bit. When we woke up we all met downstairs for breakfast, which was toast and cereal. The hostel had so many people though it was a free for all and we ended up with untoasted toast. I did not win survival of the fittest that morning. Once we got going though we got a lot done. We rented bikes with Jacob and toured all around the city, starting with Buckingham Palace, working our way down the Thames for Big Ben and parliament, then the London Bridge and London Tower tour. Biking in London is a little treacherous, that’s all I’ll say. But we made it. We spent some time lounging in Hyde Park that afternoon. That part was great. It was like a mass exodus of everyone working 9-to-5. The grabbed their friends and a picnic then spent the evening outside. I loved walking around there. Then we had Indian for dinner, which was delicious, then passed out for the night.
The London part should end here with me saying “then we woke up super early and hopped on our plane to Paris.” However, we missed our plane. You would think three hours would be enough time to get from one point in London to another. It was not. So we had to pay the rebooking fee and get scheduled for the next flight to Paris that afternoon. We took turns napping since we had only slept three hours that night, and spent the next nine hours in the airport reading/staring at the wall. That’s a crap way to spend a day after traveling so far to get there amirite? FINALLY we got on our plane to Paris that afternoon.



Paris, oh where do I begin? Paris, je t’aime. Tu me manque Paris. I didn’t ever want to leave you Paris. When was the last time I was in Paris before this? Six years ago? It’s been too long. As soon as we landed at Charles de Gualle, Michelle and I looked at each other like we had just made it home. All of my French started coming back to me, and everything felt so natural. In Dublin and London we were both flustered trying to find our way around but in Paris hopping on the train and switching Metro lines came so easily. Asking for help, even in a different language, was easier. It was just wonderful being there for so many reasons.
When we finally checked into the hostel and got settled in, our first move was dinner because it was already so late in the day. We were both excited to put our French to use and our waiter was having a lot of fun entertaining the three Americans. Michelle and I have already been to Paris a couple of times so we’ve done all the tourist attractions before, but Chelsea had never been to any of them so we walked through everything that was free (being the money-conscious travelers that we are) and ended up hitting Notre Dame, the Louvre, Les Jardins Tuileries, and the lock bridge the first full day. I loooooved seeing the lock bridge. Just thinking about the number of happy people so in love standing in the same spot and taking in the same view made my day. And that’s only since the time the locks became popular. Paris is the city of love. I love Paris. I loved walking around and seeing happy couples holding hands, young families with kids, and old couples who still have a flame after all this time. Even though the city was besieged by rainclouds for the duration of our visit, its aura was not dampened. Okay putting the sappiness aside. At the end of that day we went to Montmartre to catch the sun setting over Paris from the steps in front of the basilique Sacre Coeur. That is definitely one of my favorite spots in Paris. The view doesn’t have the Eiffel Tower or a lot of the big landmarks, but I love it anyway. It’s a great place to end the day. Then the neighborhood behind the basilica is so cute and a great place for dinner and walking around in the evening.
The second full day in Paris was a lazy day. We took our time waking up and getting out of bed. By the time we were finally ready to tackle the western half of the city, it was past lunch time. We started with a visit to France’s version of Walmart to stock up on some supplies and snacks. After dropping our goods back at the hostel we headed out again for the Place de Trocadero and Eiffel Tower, followed by Les Champs Elyees and dinner at our favorite restaurant in the world. This is a restaurant we stumbled upon last time we were in Paris for high school study abroad. Our friend who was with used to live by the Champs Elysees and this was the restaurant her family loved, so she took us there and we all fell in love with its steak-frites and famous green sauce. That was a very happy reunion. On the way back the skies gave us everything that they had been holding back and hit us with a monsoon as we wound our way through the streets back to the nearest metro station. That was our last night in Paris before an early morning flight to Barcelona.